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Despite the fact that we are proudly the biggest guns & firearms online retailer in the local area, salespeople would…


Regional Manager

While we completely dominate the local Texan market and our guns are owned by people from all walks of life here…


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Michael Clark


Michael was born and raised at a farm in Ohio. His family owned 60 acres of land with a great farm. Although, they didn’t do beekeeping, Michael absorbed love to nature, animals and subsistence farming. He graduated from Ohio State University where he studied economics and Finance. His further career was connected with managing.

Nina Gomez


Nina will gladly help you to resolve all the issues with your order status, shipping, returns, etc. She has over five years of experience in our company. She is very cheerful and nice with customers. She works with corporate clients as well as with individuals. If you have any questions regarding your order, do not hesitate to ask Nina!

Karen Wage


Karen is a our Billing expert. She can answer your questions about your account, payment or refund status. She is also in charge of providing discounts and gift cards to our customers. Karen graduated from Rowan University where she studied finance. Karen is a very clever and attentive lady, and is always ready to be helpful.

Tim Rogers


Tim is the person who is in charge of our production line. As we also produce our own line of honey, this process contains a huge amount of details. Tim knows all the steps of honey production. He does his best to organize the process and finally provide you with organic fresh and tasty honey.